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Aluminum alloy beer bottle USB Drive

  Aluminum alloy beer bottle customized flash drive is designed for alcoholics design. Unplug the first half of the bottle you can see the USB Drive inside, when connect the USB into computer, information about wine video and various screen saver will be placed in a computer, and in the operation of the Promotional USB will be accompanied by some special sound effects, such as opening bottles of voice, party busy laughter

  Aluminum alloy bottle U disk features:

  A, fashion lightly; The new concept model, portable design concept, advanced craft processing shell classic fashion, small light spirit appearance cater to the current mobile storage products trend.

  Second, the speed is quick, Plug and play, accord with USB2.0/1.0 standard, data transmission speed.

  Three, safe and reliable: repeatable integration.it 1 million times, data can be stored 10 years. Antimagnetic, seismic, moisture, high and low temperature resistance, strike.

  Four, storage, large capacity, low price.

  Five, easy to use, no external power supply,

  Six, data encryption, The whole plate or partition data encryption.

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